Welcome to this 11:11 PORTAL Prep!

An Integrative Energetic Healing Session & Oracle Card Pull to Help You Prepare for the 11/11 portal.

This can be watched whenever you feel called to watch to upgrade your system, even beyond the 11/11 portal. In this FREE energetic healing session facilitated by Melinda, (The Katalyzer) your system is activated with a profound connection to Golden Creator energetics and a NEW connection into the light grid that will be activated on 11/11.

All in support of you receiving gifts from your ancestors and integrating a special attunement within your system to step into being the "Light Weaver."

If you want to deepen your integration, your shadow work, or would like to further align your vibrations so you can fully step into your power and ease of manifesting join me for a special 1-1 Katalyze U session...

For the 11.11 week, I am offering $25 off on any one-off 1-1 sessions. Simply use code: 1111-25OFF here: https://katalyzeu.com/products/katalyze-u-1-1-session-payment-1-1-off-zoom-sessions 

After you get the amazing upgrade in the session, please like and subscribe on youtube, and comment on your experience. I love to hear about what came up for you and how it resonated with you.

You can also share the love in this FREE Session with anyone you think can also benefit from the session. :)

Thank you for showing up for yourself and receiving.

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