Home-School Classroom Mindfulness for You & Your Kids

We all do everything we can to make sure our children have everything they need for success. Who doesn't want their child to be the next billionaire to change the world!? 

And one of the most important building blocks to a proper foundation is the right mindset and environment to support that. What if this pandemic and this home-schooling, whether you choose the blended option or full time, is THE opportunity to submerge your child into a more mindful learning experience where schools aren't willing to.

This "New Normal" opportunity allows us to be in the choosing seat and to step into the role of deciding what vibration our children are immersed in ALL day. I know for me personally, my daughter is thriving so much more after being home because we have been co-creating what works best for us.

I also noticed I got to see more on a firsthand basis where she can improve and where she was already shining. This approach may not be for every family but I am confident that when you look at the energetics, the vibration, and the environment, it WILL shift the experience as a whole.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is mindful learning? Mindful learning is the Katalyst’s trick to making homeschooling easy, fun, and light for both you and the kids. This “new normal” of homeschooling, or what is also called Homeo-Schooling (homeopathic schooling) and has sparked some curiosity around how we should tackle this.

To make this as easy and stress-free as possible we compiled the best of pseudo-scientific tips to incorporate mindful learning into you and your child's homeschooling and daily experience. 

Please do remember that these are to enhance and to get your ideas flowing, but no 1 tip or article is going to tackle big issues you may have. If you need more energetic & quantum support for your family, we suggest reaching out about our 1-1 sessions that can help ease your experience and catalyze the healing and transformation your family needs.

In the meanwhile deploy these five ideas and let us know how it all goes in the comments.

    1. Creating a Safe Space

      As we all know the transition of making home your workspace wasn’t very practical at first. But you have access to the infinite energies from within...

      What does that mean? Well, did you know that you can activate certain energies to create an environment that stabilizes the imbalance and hecticness of having “integrated” spaces? Listen to this short video to help shift and transform your energy. 

      Warning!!! This video is absolutely mind-opening and will support your wellbeing. ;)

    2. Make It Fun!

      Nothing is worse than having to force your kids to do their work. So why not make the most of this seemingly “boring time” and just make it fun!

      Crystals have many different energetic properties that can help you change this resistance. Amazonite is a beautiful turquoise crystal that promotes positive energy. You can do this exercise with kids or alone. It’s a perfect way to incorporate the energy of the crystal and to teach your kids to embody themselves and learn the ways of the Katalyst.

      Here's the Katalyze U process:

      Step 1: find an Amazonite crystal (has playful properties that uplift and support).

      Step 2: lay down and place the crystal on your diaphragm. Then place your left hand on top of your head and gently start tapping. 

      Step 3: After about a minute of tapping, take your left hand and place it on your heart, and tap tap tap! Repeat for five minutes.

      Step 4: Reflect on how you feel. These kinds of exercises bring our minds and heart together creating an alliance of positive wavelengths throughout the body.

      Note: As you are tapping make sure you take deep breaths. This helps your body connect and reset ultimately resulting in a more stable calm mind that is ready for action!

    3. Motivation

      This one is all for you Mom! It’s not always easy having to juggle the responsibilities of life, let alone the fact that now you have to homeschool!

      We recommend that you start unleashing that beautiful kundalini energy and activate your magic within. But guess what! There is a special kit that guides you on how to do this. This kit is a unique set of Katalyze U Energetic Healing, Vibrational Medicine, & Sacred Wisdom partnered with a full Quantum Katlaze U session that you can deploy all in the comfort of your own home. This Muse Ubox WILL change the way your system handles the 3D reality while helping you to command more creativity, productivity, and be the magnificent Mom you are!

      Creation and flow are typically stifled through the mass stress and overwhelm that comes with everything we have to do. The doing quells the flow, but we still live in this reality where things need to get done, so use the Muse Ubox to create balance and flow between being and doing, creating, and generating.

    4. Don't’ Worry, Be Happy

      Mindful learning is all about taking the holistic approach to your child’s old school education. What if we can create a space where positivity is the staple of your child's learning? This FREE Katalyze U mini-session will support you to release all of the anxiety during these uncertain times.

      You can listen to this video with your kids and teach them that learning can be a stress-free zone when it’s from home.

    5. Last But Not Least - Re-Focus to Within 

      Take time through the day to breathe. The more you can remember yourself and your own system's capacity to support you, the more you can stay in parasympathetic.

      Also called the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic system conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, and its where the reset happens and allows your system to assess and heal.

      Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as we will be uploading specific exercises to bring your system back into the parasympathetic state.

      In the meanwhile, simply put your hand on your heart and follow your breath for at least 5 minutes. Do this with your kids every day and you will see massive ease of peace infused into your home.

Try each one of these elements and see what else is possible for you and your family. And don't forget to let us know what your favorite home-school classroom prep and mindfulness exercises are OR if you tried any of these, simply post it in the comments below :) 

Sending love and blessings to you and yours! 

-Melinda & Team Katalyze U

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