The Place to Activate the Magnificence of YOU

Hi Lovely so glad to have you here!

Katalyze U is your safe healing place to Catalyze Your Magnificence with Unique & Powerful Energetic Sessions & specially curated High-Vibe products ✌️

A little bit more about Katalyze U...

All our services and products are grounded in high-vibrations. I use top-notch ingredients, and curate products that are sustainably sourced, and boost them up with intentions and a unique recipe of energetics fueled by the Katalyze U container of support.

All the group rituals I do are provided with the HIGHEST INTENTIONS and are grounded in Quantum Energy and are a beautiful catalyst to create that spark that leads to actualizing your desire in this reality!

Just imagine how powerful it is to have your desires BOOSTED at the Quantum level? Everything IS possible!

It's my personal mission to help you tap into your magnificence, and have spent this life's journey enhancing my innate intuition and healing capacities by understanding what really creates change on an energetic and physical level - but change that is in integrity and allows the space for your own intuition to lead the way.

Days of the guru-minded healer are over and know energy work is about activating your own specialness and healing the parts of you that are no longer aligning with that power! ✨

So choose a themed session from our shop and although these are customized to support you the way you need, don't hesitate to reach out for a personal customized service for you OR to inquire about our VIP ongoing session packages.

And don't forget I am here to support, this is about cultivating a circle of love, and if you are drawn to my shop then your apart of the Katalyze U tribe! Let's light up the world, together :)

*Please Note - If you are drawn to one of our crystals, candles, or other high-vibe physical products please know we make sure all our items are priced reasonably. We work with amazing small businesses around the world so you can receive genuine crystals and sustainably sourced items, therefore although we are located in NY our products are shipped from around the world (Russia, Puerto Rico, UK, Italy, China, & India) and may take longer to get to you. Typically 30 - 60 business days but can be more) But it's worth the wait, for our unique and energetically curated to support you in the highest and help raise your vibrations.✨

Since we are small business and are not Amazon :) we also cut costs by using a third-party shipping provider and again shipping times may take a bit longer than other stores so please keep an eye on the shipping times before you place your order. Again, please review our shipping times before you order so you can see when your product is arriving, as we do not provide refunds for orders that have already been shipped.

Sending love & blessings!

-Melinda, The Katalyzer & Founder of Katalyze U