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"Katalyze U has changed my life! I have never been able to step into the life I have been dreaming of with such ease! I am blown away by my evolution and I find myself pinching myself to see if I am just dreaming! During my work with Katalyze U & Melinda's genius sessions, I have doubled my income, lost 25 lbs and still going. I also moved to the most magical home of my dreams! If you are looking for someone who can support you in all facets of life, work with Melinda! You will not regret it"

- Tara F.

The universe is made up of a connected system meant to be used to our advantage. A toolset of energetics and quantum tools that when tapped into and seen as opportunities, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Including vibrating in and physically experiencing a world around you that reflects your innate magnificence.

The key to doing so is in the catalyzer - the facilitation of change in your morphogenetic fields that are carrying the reality your used to. The reality where your desires may seem like they are so far away. It’s closer than you think ...

And if you are finding yourself curious about the power within, feel it pulsing beneath the undertone of your life experience, and know there is SO much more for you, you are in the right place.

That’s where Katalyze U comes in! To help catalyze your magnificence through powerful energetic sessions and high-vibe products for your home, lifestyle, and spiritual rituals.

Katalyze U products & services help facilitate and support you as you walk the path of expansion while dissolving what is seemingly holding you back. It looks different for every single person but the world needs you, at your best.

It’s time to dissolve the stuckness, the loops, the illusion that you cannot make it to the other side of the reality you know you are meant to live and experience -- and now you don’t have to go it alone.

The more we can embrace each moment as a bread crumb to enhance, expand, and create we begin to discover just how Magnificent we are. Here at Katalyze U there are 3 ways to do so:

+ ACTIVATE your magnificence through our unique session boxes where you get to bring facilitated healing sessions and your own ritual intention together in a way that has never been done before. Each box is drenched in sacred wisdom, feng shui fixes, activating egyptian energies and intention oriented magic PLUS a potent customized Katalyze U session.
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+ AMPLIFY your magnificence with all the especially chosen and activated high-vibe products for your home, body and rituals.
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+ ADVANCE through your journey of magnificence with 1-1 Katalyze U support for your personal evolution and your business or career evolution. 1-1 Katalyze U sessions facilitate the catalyzations you need to enhance the work you are already doing and kick it into high-gear.
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With Katalyze U catalyzers happen at a molecular level and are based on a Quantum Physics foundation with years of sacred healing certifications and a foundation of intuitive and ancestral knowledge. All grounded in Melinda's ability to listen and honor YOUR higher guidance.

This unique set of abilities and modalities allows you to move from body-force to body-allowance, where the physical becomes a tool of expansion and there is an ease of inspired action and a commanding of manifestation.

Each session is different and molds to your needs at the moment, because we are all ever-changing and growing beings. If you are reading this, it’s your time. Your system has brought you here, as it’s calling out for the special catalyzer that Katalyze U provides.

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