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A UNIQUE Creativity Activation & Energetic Healing Session!

This Session Helps You Dissolve Blocks to Creativity & Activate Your Creative Energy

Are you bored, uninspired, or even feeling apathy?

Are you finding it difficult to manifest and create a life that makes you happy?

Are you looking for more passion, joy, and excitement in your life?

Are you a creative spirit or artist that just can't seem to find that spark anymore?

...If you said YES to any of these it's time to activate your inner muse and dissolve the blocks to your sexual energy so you can command your creative powers with ease!

I am the Katalyzer and when you work with me, especially in this powerful Creativity activation session, CHANGE happens!

This specific session uses all of my skills to support you in:

  • dissolving your specific blocks to creativity,
  • clearing past traumas, karmic debts, and ancestral curses or barriers,
  • stop the loop of overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, blocked sexual energy and self-judgment,
  • open up your sacral chakra and kundalini connection,
  • balance the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects of creation within you,
  • open and connect your chakras and other energy centers to activate or deepen your innate wisdom and sacred key codes,
  • dissolve stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and blockages stopping you from creating and manifesting with ease,
  • and so much more.

Once you purchase, the energetics I built in the Katalyze U container will begin working with your system. I am so honored to support you in this next evolution of your magnificent healing journey.

Now Is the Time For Change!

This session is facilitated in 2 ways:

1. A Pre-Recorded Collective Session - where I use my unique Katalyze U container of support & draw upon my years of working with many clients and facilitate a collective session. A more general collective clearing that clears & activates the blocks that typically come up within this subject. It's a great way to support your journey or kick start a new one and you can listen as many times accessing the energies I programmed into the audio to support you every time you listen. Once you purchase, I will you a download link to download the pre-recorded session (typically within a few hours but at most within 24-hours).

2. A 1:1 30-40 Minute Audio Session - where I use my unique Katalyze U container of support to tune into your specific personal needs and record myself facilitating a completely unique-to-you and custom session based on this specific subject matter. This is a great way to hit deep-rooted specific issues, blocks, and kick off a healing journey or support you on a continued spiritual journey. After you purchase, I begin activating the energies and support container, and when your system gives me the green light I sit and record and tune in to you. Upon completion of the audio recording, I upload it to Gdrive and provide you with the audio via a Google drive link (delivery is typically within 3-5 business days after purchasing).

If you are really ready for a change and to move forward with an open road, choose the session type that serves you best and get lock in your session today, there isn't anything like it.

*Please Note: this is an energetic session meant to facilitate energetic healing and movement of stagnant energy in the area you have chosen. This session will help dissolve what's ready to go and what you are ready to clear at the root at the moment you are purchasing. For deeper and bigger issues at hand, ongoing work may be needed to create profound change in your life. You are welcome to email me to find out more about my long-term private client packages.

**Please know that this session or any work from Katalyze U should not be replaced by a visit to your doctor. This is not medical advice or meant to supplement or replace any traditional medicine. This is also not a psychic session predicting the future or guaranteeing any certain result, even though there are great results from the work I do :)

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"She is so amazing! I love her session!"

-Vanessa, New York

"Melinda is like the SEER for my business!"

-SU, New York

"Always! It’s an amazing experience."

-Ashley, New York

What Is A Katalyze U Session?


The facilitation of deep healing, molecular level upgrades & a shifting of morphogenetic fields that impact your current reality. All in a way that fosters your desired reality as well as being grounded in physical health & wellbeing.


Using the cosmos and the collective reality to discover, to understand and expand. You don't have to run for cover when Mercury is in retrograde or the financial system is crashing now there is another option for you, one that puts you at the helm!


The actualization & embodiment of foundational Quantum Science based concepts, to connect the dots to your most powerful capacities. Clear powerful connection to the information in the vaccum as the ultimate feedback loop!


A cultivation & expression of the universal energetics within, so your system can tap into your original source of intuitive muscles. Really allowing for an aligning of ALL of you so you can become even more self-aware, and allow your own empowerment so you can finally see how magnificent you truly are!

A Note From Your Facilitator

Melinda Janicki, Owner & Quantum Facilitator

"I am your Katalyze U Session Facilitator. I have always been intuitive and empathic. Simply I can see images, visions, messages and tap into energies that are present and then want to be cleared or activated.

My life has been a profound experience that has brought me to enhance my gifts and ground them with the certification of many modalities and the attunement of potent energy medicines and the teachings of ancient wisdoms. In saying yes to my own healing process the universe has led me to be a pillar of support for those who are ready to say yes to their own healing journey but not in the way that is typically found in this transformative world.

Through my journey it was clear that I was holding space for a WHOLE new level of sovereignty, one that comes from within. I found the closer I got to this innate power the more conflict I had from guru-minded healers and in that was born my greatest awareness that I AM my own guru and so are you.

I then discovered an entirely NEW way to approach our natural evolution that the cosmos are so beautifully supporting...

A Catalyzation process that incorporates all of the wisdoms and modalities at our disposal and is facilitated from the space of humble co-creation and I now bring it to you through Katalyze U!

Whether you are new to this work or have been looking for a way to catalyze all of your gifts within so you can stand in your purpose without the confines of the perceived limits your current reality present.

It is my mission to free the healing and expansion process, remove the blocks of BEING and help you to align and catalyze our magnificence.

It's time for you to realize your own truth, power and beauty and go beyond the perceived limitations of physical circumstance, experiences, environments, bloodlines, beliefs, feelings, thoughts and mindsets.

Thank you for choosing me as your facilitator, and Katalyze U as the place to hold space for your greatest evolution. I am so grateful to be a witness of your catalyzation and support what is being activated in you while we each walk our own sovereign journeys together."

"Waw Waw Waw what an amazing experience. Melinda is an incredible lady and her unique approach to exploring your best of potential is just mind blowing.

I just spent 30 mins experiencing Melinda’s untraditional pathway to create EXTRAORDINARY results and I am amazed. I have experienced many coaches and alternative approaches to self-development over the last thirteen years of travel and have to say Melinda’s approach is one of the best I have experienced.

I felt lifted, open and above all elevated in mind and body confidence. I felt re-connected and re-booted, it was perfect as part of my self-core growth for my business and personal mindset, THANK YOU Melinda, and I will definitely be back :)"

-Paul, United Kingdom

"Wow So good! Your transmission was spot on."

-Ashley, New York

"Melinda has helped me so much with my coaching. The energetic sessions have helped me with my sales and feeling more confident in growing my business! Highly recommend Melinda!"

-Dani, Pennsylvania

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