Inner Child Healing and Activation Session | Heal Deep-set Wounds By Loving & Connecting To Your Inner Child

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  • Pre-Recorded Collective Session
  • 30 - 45 Minute Audio Session
  • 30 - 45 Minute Zoom Session
Available: In stock

Inner Child Healing & Activation to Re-Discover You & Heal Deep Inset Wounds

This POWERFUL Inner Child Healing is a Customized Session Just for You

Have you lost your child-like wonder of life?

Are you feeling like you don't know who you are?

Or can't seem to heal from childhood traumas?

Do you feel this deep inset wound of not feeling loved or feeling broken?

... and you desire to find that playfulness, that spark of life and ease of being that you see in the wonderment of a child's eyes?

If this is you, you are in the right place. It's time to re-connect with your inner child. Feel safe and held and loved to move forward with your inner child feeling loved and supported rather than suppressed and unresolved.

I am the Katalyzer and when you work with me, especially in this powerful Inner Child Healing session, CHANGE happens!

This session is facilitated in 3 ways that you can choose from:

1. A Pre-Recorded Collective Session - where I use my unique Katalyze U container of support & draw upon my years of working with many clients and facilitate a collective session. Helping you and anyone who listens to clear & activate the more general blocks that come up when you are seeking to Nurture & Heal their Inner Child. Once you purchase my email system will automatically kick off an email providing you with a download link to download the pre-recorded session via email (typically within a few hours but at most within 24-hours).

2. A 1:1 30-45 Minute Audio Session - where I use my unique Katalyze U container of support to tune into your specific personal needs and record myself facilitating a completely unique-to-you session. Providing you with the audio via a google drive link once the session has been recorded (typically within 2-3 business days after purchasing).

3. A 1:1 30-45 Minute Zoom Session - where I use my unique Katalyze U container of support to tune into your specific personal needs and meet with you on zoom to facilitate a completely unique-to-you session. Providing you with the recording of our meeting via a google drive link once the session has completed. Once you purchase I will reach out to get you on my calendar all dependent on availability. INDIVIDUAL ZOOM SESSIONS ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT TILL SUMMER 

This Inner Child healing allows you to go deep into your unconscious as I facilitate you to come into complete communion with your child self. Guiding your inner child to take a seat into your adult heart and walk with you on your path of life feeling seen, held, and loved by you.

This is the most profound way to KNOW yourself, LOVE yourself, and move forward in an EMPOWERED way.

In this custom-to-you session, I will tune in to all of you and facilitate a session to clear out your specific blocks, limiting beliefs, and past traumas preventing you from embracing all of you and support you in taking the journey you need to deepen your wholeness. When you embrace all of yourself in this way it's like collecting all your fragments and sealing them tight so you can activate the wisdom of your inner child.

What is a Katalyze U Session with Melinda?

Put simply, Katalyze U sessions are a profound way to dissolve the noise and connect with the sacred universe within you!

We are so accustomed to following the flame outside of us. The next key, guru, or contrived wisdom that seems to be the THING. Like it has the piece to finally unlocking the life of our dreams.

But because I have seen it in myself and facilitated it in my clients I know it's possible to discover your unique flame within, and Katalyze U is here to do EXACTLY that.

Discover how to transcend your physical reality, and achieve higher connected states of self-awareness through the guidance of the innate wisdom of your system.

What powers up a Katalyze U Session with Melinda?

Well, first and foremost YOU! I have the ability to tune directly into your innate wisdom and facilitate what is ready to catalyze within you.

A Katalyze U session is made up of a mastery of vibration, energetics, quantum science, sacred wisdom, and ancestral magic. Over the years I have enhanced my innate intuitive and healing abilities by attuning to and studying over 100 modalities. I also am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and incorporate a 360 degree perspective to the healing process.

This specific session uses all of my skills to support you in:

-dissolving your specific blocks to embracing ALL of you,

-clearing past traumas, karmic debts, and ancestral curses or barriers,

-stop the loop of self-blame, punishment, persecution, or abandoning of self,

-strengthen your inner reflection and appreciation for yourself,

-open and connect your chakras and other energy centers to activate or deepen your innate wisdom and sacred key codes,

-dissolve stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and blockages stopping you from living an empowered life and manifesting with ease,

-and so much more.

Each session is uniquely tuned into for YOU. Once you purchase, the energetics I built in the Katalyze U container will begin working with your system. 

I am so honored to support you in seeing and loving ALL of yourself and re-igniting that child-like playfulness in your life.


*Please Note: this is an energetic session meant to facilitate energetic healing and movement of stagnant energy in the area you have chosen. This session will help dissolve what's ready to go and what you are ready to clear at the root at the moment you are purchasing. For deeper and bigger issues at hand, ongoing work may be needed to create profound change in your life. You are welcome to email me to find out more about my long-term private client packages.

**Please know that this session or any work from Katalyze U should not be replaced by a visit to your doctor. This is not medical advice or meant to supplement or replace any traditional medicine. This is also not a psychic session predicting the future or guaranteeing any certain result, even though there are great results from the work I do :)


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Pre-Recorded Collective Session, 30 - 45 Minute Audio Session, 30 - 45 Minute Zoom Session

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