Life Coaching Session To Support You To Create a Life You Love - Spiritual Consultation for Relationships, Money, Love, Worth, Purpose, etc

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Available: In stock
Are you looking for a Spiritual Life Coach that understands the intricacies of life and relationships AND the energetic aspects of the magical being you are?

In these transformative times, the world is healing and chaos is ensuing. If you are an empath or healer or are not even sure what is going on in your world but your intuition brought you here, then my friend you are ready for a big shift in the right direction.

I am the Katalyzer and have combined all my gifts to create major life upgrading sessions to help you get on track, become a manifestation machine, and discover your magnificence regardless of how life looks like right now.

This session allows us to do a deep dive into your life and dissolve what is holding you back AND make a plan to help you POWERFULLY move forward.

You don't have to do this crazy life alone, I'm here to help and support!

The work I do is deep, grounded in science and reality but reaches galaxies of expansion. Make sure you are ready to make great things happen because when the Katalyzations come through they do create change :)

This 60-Minute 1-1 Zoom session, is highly supportive and will provide you with not only the energetic boost you need to move forward but the tangible steps and clarity you have been seeking! How does it get better than that!

After you purchase I will reach out to you to get you scheduled on my calendar. Currently, the earliest spot available is 1-2 weeks out.


*Session takes place on zoom with video off so it's easy to connect and focus. The session is recorded and provided to you within 24 hours after the session takes place.

Energy Healing Session


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